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Trademark:  Game Master  
AIM:  RPG Trademark
ICQ: 34993499
Messenger:  sir_wolfstar
(and his sweety)


Kylde:  Game Master 
AIM: Kylde

mike:  PICL Game Master, (and young apprentice GM)
AIM: Kaoss
 ICQ: 53635413


Ruiner: Admin 
ICQ: 9869553


Dawnfyre:  Webmistress
AIM: MsDawnfyre
 ICQ: 62141861


G-Angel:  Botmaster
 ICQ: 62141861


The rest of us:

Note: This is the list of all the rest of the active members of PICL. It also includes any lurkers who have requested to be included. if you would like to be added or removed from this list please contact me or Mike.

Updated weekly:  Last update: Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Name or Character E-mail ICQ AIM IRC
Andrew Lo - - -
Clara Augostino - - -
Harold "Insanity" Nichols 42065919 - Insanity
Hatton Humphrey 2204567 kc5sig G_angel
Henning Rogge 14862339 - -
Jeremy Balsley - - -
Kristopher Samms 48478573 Kristopher Samms Simkin
Led Soul - - -
Nick Hanson 2782111 - -
nightlander - nightlandr nightlander
Rallan - - -
Ryan Brummund 6851646 VagorHeru Nar
Will 34009672 - GoldenH

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