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Wanna Chat with us directly?  Most evenings you can find at least a few of us talking directly through Internet Relay Chat on the Magicstar net.

You will find us in #PICL.

With a bar tended by an eggdrop bot name Willard, #PICL is the OOC character hang out of choice for PICL players. So stop in and have a few.

IRC Programs

What I personally Use. . .
"This is the place to get the newest version of mIRC - one of the leading IRC programs for the IBM and compatibles, running Windows 3.x or Windows 95." or '98 too.  

"This is another popular IRC program, also for Windows machines. PIRCH is also an extremely popular IRC client."

"ViRC is definitely one of the newer Windows IRC clients out there, but it looks quite promising."


"Billed as "IRC without limits", this little client (only 940k) will connect to more than one server at once and supports all the standard IRC commands. One to check out.

"Quotes" are from - Julie Martin.  

Ok, you have a chat program already, where are we?

Some good servers are:

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