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    (NOTE: Though out of date the FAQ is still filled with choice information. Read it, know it, love it, and pray that mike gets around to updating it.)

  1. What is PICL?
  2. How do I go about creating my character?  What are the rules?
  3. What are the basics?
  4. What  OCC's (Occupational Character Class) are acceptable?  
  5. What starting equipment, spells and/or psionics can I use?
  6. What kind of experience does my character need?
  7. Do I need a character background?
  8. What is New Seattle? (and an interview)

  9. What are important organizations that would be helpful to know?

  10. What are some important locations that would be helpful to know?

  11. What on earth is "The Grinner Boy"?

Rules & Regulations

  1. The game
  2. Message Tags
  3. Combat While In-Character Conflict
  4. Player Rules
  5. Off Topic (ot) and Out-of-Character (ooc) Posts

What is PICL? ] Character & Rules ] Basics? ] OCC's ] Starting Equip, Psionics, Spells ] Character Experience ] Character Background ] New Seattle ] Organizations ] Locations ] The Grinner Boy ] R&R: The Game ] R&R: Message Tags ] R&R: Combat IC ] Player Rules ] R&R: OT & OOC ]

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