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March 8, 2000

Mike, founder and GM of PICL, is stepping down.  We all welcome Trademark into the position.

Feb 28?, 2000

Mike finally popped the question!   The vows will be said on July 27, 2001!  Congratulations!!!

Feb 16, 2000

New Character Creation rules are on their way!

Mike's girlfriend beat him up in his sleep.  He deserved it according to most female's that know the whole story.  

Precis is back!  
"<Ruiner> Blame the noofy computer lab people for her extended absence, but everyone's favorite accidental overkiller is back with a vengeance and a scream."  (As said in IRC)

Feb. 7, 2000
  Ruiner was voted in as the admin by a small margin.  Thanks to everyone for putting their votes in, and thanks to Fireball and Trademark for being willing to take on the job!
                                       The Admin will :
-be the one to settle all arguments conflicts on the list
-have final say in all Bans and suspensions
-be responsible for enforcing all the rules of the FAQ.
-be the only one allowed to use the [Admin] Tag.
-Work with the GM team to ensure the game runs smoothly.
-And possibly other responsibilities such as maintaining the contact list

Feb. 3, 2000    Dawnfyre (Sarah) was made to be the Webmistress for the PICL homepage. 

Feb. 3, 2000   Ruiner was put in charge of the new and improved FAQ - coming soon.

Feb. 2. 2000 G_angel (Hatton) created and was approved to put a bot on the #PICL IRC Channel.  The bot is named "Willard"



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